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You’re installing a CCTV home security system because you want to protect your home, and we’re here for you.

Our advanced home security systems Sydney are exactly what you need to monitor and protect your home 24/7.

Electron Security has been helping clients like you for the last 17 years with all of their home security needs.

Come with us to learn all about our CCTV installation Sydney service and other solutions.


Why Should You Install CCTV to Protect Your Property?

Are you still wondering why CCTV is a good idea? Below, find the top 6 reasons on why it’s an excellent investment to protect your home:

• It makes less likely for criminals to target your home
• It allows you to monitor the perimeter of your home safely
• You can monitor your home remotely when not at home
• It will allow you to protect your family, especially your kids
• It will reduce your insurance costs because your home will be less likely to experience issues
• It will bring you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected

As you can see, it’s an excellent move to order our CCTV and security camera installation Sydney service.

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What Customers Have to Say About Our CCTV Installation Sydney Service?

Your satisfaction is our goal and the following testimonials prove the value of our service.

“I needed to install a CCTV system because I’ve been victim of thieves 3 times in the least 2 years. It’s been a year since Electron Security installed the system and I’ve not had a single incident. Thanks!!”

Jonathan H.

“I was concerned about the security of my home so I called Electron Security to install a complete CCTV system to monitor the perimeter of my home, which is quite big. Now I can do it safely. I’d recommend the service, professional and affordable!”

Jessica K.

“I’m the father of my family and that’s why I needed extra measures to protect them. I thought about installing a CCTV system and I found Electron Security. They recommended the perfect system for my requirements and budget – I can recommend their services with confidence!”

Jarek T.


Why Should You Choose Us When Looking for Security Systems Sydney?

Are you still wondering why should you choose us? Below, find the reasons why:

• 17 years of experience helping clients like you
• Authentic professionals in CCTV system installations
• A proven record of satisfied clients who can vouch for our services
• Best prices in Sydney for CCTV system installation
• Unbeatable 4-year warranty for your peace of mind
• Dedicated customer service to guarantee your satisfaction
• Top rated provider of security systems, home alarms and burglar alarms

With all these reasons, now you know why you’re your best choice.

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F.A.Q About Our CCTV & Home Security Systems Sydney Solutions

We have grouped the most frequently asked questions about our services. Below, find the answers.

What is required for CCTV installation?

We’ll make the process as smooth as possible for you, and in consequence, we’ll only require the following for installing you CCTV system: 1. Purpose of the CCTV system 2. What activities you’d like to monitor 3. What zones you want to monitor Once we have this info, we’ll determine the ideal number of cameras to cover the entire area at a competitive price!

How much does it cost to install CCTV in Sydney?

The price depends on the number of cameras you need. They can be as low as $100-150 AUD each, but we can bring you a great deal depending on the size of your CCTV system. The more cameras you require, the bigger the discount we can bring you!

How much does it cost to have a camera system installed?

The price of the camera system will depend on the number of cameras you have. The price for each one starts at $100-150 AUD – but we can bring you an excellent discount based on how many cameras your system requires.

What is the best home security system in Australia?

We have a wide selection of home security systems brands that have been recognized as excellent choices due to their durability and functions. Furthermore, we have plenty of options that will adjust to your budget. Just contact us to obtain a quote.

Are wireless security systems any good?

Wireless security systems are an excellent choice as well because they’re easy to install and they provide you practically the same features as a wired security system. If you’d like more information, you only need to contact us!

We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your need.