Security Alarms Sydney

Our Security Alarm Solutions have you covered

• Our domestic household electrical services is trusted by Sydney home owners and tenants alike, delivering fast, friendly and efficient services that has kept homes secured and safe for years. Our domestic electrical works includes
• Our pet-friendly or non-pet-friendly security alarms can be configured with a variety of different motion and smoke/fire/heat detectors (e.g. PIR – Passive Infra-Red) and sensors, internal and external sirens, and monitoring options.
• Our silent alarm monitoringworks well with high risk business operations such as banking and casinos so that burglars can be caught in the act.
• We can even install hidden panic buttons that trigger the alarm, unobtrusive to intruders.

Easy Use for Simple Control

• The alarm control panels govern the entire security alarm system, and relay information to the security alarm monitoring company. With keypad or touch screen arming and disarming, our security alarm systems are easy to use.

• We can provide training on how to use your system to ensure you operate it with confidence.

Combining a security alarm system with CCTV cameras is a great deterrent to burglars and provides a layered security response to protect homes and businesses

Alternative Power Source Options

• For optimum security, alarm systems with an alternative power source in case your main power source is cut is also highly recommended.
• These systems use a backup battery and we can help with the provisioning and installation.
• We proudly provide hard-wired alarm systems or wireless alarms, depending on your home or business layout and configuration.
• There is a current trend towards wireless alarm installations, especially in older homes where cable running and installation can be difficult.
• Hybrid alarms (with wired and non-wired components) are also available if needed. Majority alarm systems can even alert you on your smart phones and Devices!

Unlimited security solutions for your needs

• Secure your windows and doors, and monitor their state 24/7 with our sophisticated Sydney Burglar and Security Alarm systems.
• We provide hard-wired, wireless or Hybrid (wired or non-wired) alarm systems, depending on your home or business layout and configuration.

• If you operate an older alarm system that you want to keep using, we can repair, service, and upgrade these systems, as well.
• Our experienced Sydney-based electrical security installations team will always try to find you the most suitable surveillance and security equipment based on your budget and requirements.
• Ask our friendly team about our security monitoring packages.

We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your need.